Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Guy

Complication has came to space we live
Take no further Complication
I am Just a Simple Guy

At each
I want thing to be simple
Simple Life
Simple Love
Simple Relationship
Simple, everything

Things has been complicated all while
Some may tell the reason(s) behind
But I would say
Not a thing can be complicated
People bring complication as one element into it

Complication bring the below  meaning

In Love, complication refer to a situation where two in love
But one bring extra person in, trying to hide from the knowledge of another
This is Complication caused

In Life, complication refer to situation where someone try to bring trouble into a case
where its in fact, this trouble can not be bring in

In Generic, Complication would only able to exist
If oneself, chipping in "extra effort" or what i always call "energy wasting"

So again
Now, Don't do anymore further extra work
While it is all should go under normal circumstances

P/s: We Don't need someone else to tell us what to do, Provided we know what to do next

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